Monday, 20 March 2017

GharPar - Review

Hi everyone! Been a little off the radar, but hopefully will be back to regular blogging now. I tried GharPar, the latest new service to hit Lahore, recently and was pleasantly surprised at how efficient and convenient it was. GharPar promises to provide better than salon services in the comfort of your home and obviously being the curious blogger that I am I decided to try it out and see for myself. Read on to find out how my experience was.

Starting with the booking procedure. Bookings can be made through Whatsapp, online (through their website) as well as through calls. But before you can make any bookings, you have to register yourself on the GharPar website and give your details such as phone number, CNIC, address etc. After registering yourself, you will receive a confirmation code from the GharPar team which will then activate your account and allow you to make bookings. Bookings are to be made at least 3 hours prior to your desired time.

I decided to order a pedicure for myself and my grandmother, so I placed an order directly on the website. Shortly afterwards, I received a confirmation message from GharPar which also included the time and name of the technician who would be coming to serve me.

The technician was very punctual and arrived at the exact time which I had requested. She carried with her a big bag which contained all the tools she would be needing for the services. She started off the pedicure by laying a plastic mat, which she sprayed with Dettol to disinfect it. She then took out the Foot Bath from her bag which she also sprayed with Dettol in front of my eyes. Next, she showed me a packet of tools which had been sterilized and sealed. As for the towels, disposable paper towels were used for the pedicure.

After everything was set and laid out, the technician took out a small box which had small pots containing the different products that are needed for the pedicure. She neatly set them out on a tray and then sat down to begin the procedure. The technician was well-trained and she meticulously did my pedicure without making unnecessary conversation or getting distracted. The procedure took about 40 minutes which included nail cutting, filing, buffing, scrubbing and massage.

Once my pedicure was done, the technician cleaned up everything properly and packed everything back in her bag. Payment was done in cash and she left as soon as she was done.

I was very happy with the service as it provided me with a good quality and hygienic beauty service in the comfort of my home at a reasonable price. I was particularly impressed with how actively they were making sure that everything was disinfected and clean. Would definitely recommend this service to all those ladies who are unable to visit the parlour due to their hectic routines. GharPar offers a variety of services from massages to facials and blowdries. With such services being introduced, it is time for you all to be on top of your beauty and self-care game!