Friday, 26 August 2016

the Balm Meet Matt(e) Hughes in Trustworthy - Review

This is definitely the year of liquid lipsticks given that this is the third review I am writing on a liquid lipstick in the past 2 months. You can read the previous reviews here and here. The Balm is definitely one of my favourite brands given their superb quality and quirky packaging so their liquid lipsticks were definitely on my wishlist since long. It was difficult to choose from the colours but I wanted a nice brown, so I chose Trustworthy which is a new release.

I love how the Balm chose to name their liquid lipsticks on the qualities which every man should be possessing such as Charming, Commited, Dedicated, Adoring, Devoted and so on. Each liquid lipstick tube has a cartoon of a man and woman drinking with straws from the same cup and looking at each other. The tube is the same colour as the lipstick. The cartoon is witty, definitely something which is on par with the Balm products.

Having previously tried several Balm products including their coveted Mary Lou Manizer and their Boy blushes, I expected nothing but the best from these liquid lipsticks and I am glad to report that the Meet Matt(e) Hughes were definitely up to the mark. The liquid lipstick applies smoothly because of its creamy consistency. It is not drying and doesn't make your lips feel as if you have covered them with plaster (Ouch!); layering also doesn't crack the lipstick although these liquid lipsticks are so pigmented that you really don't need to layer it. The lipstick gives a nice minty sensation when applied and dries down quickly but it takes a while to dry down completely during which you may feel as if your lips are sticky (although I do like when my lips are slightly sticky).The lasting power is also brilliant with the lipstick lasting almost 4-6 hours on my lips. Eating and drinking and constant dabbing with tissue causes the lipstick to fade around the centre only.

Trustworthy is a warm brown shade with hints of red. However, on my lips it tends to appear more nude. Nonetheless, its a lovely colour which does not only look beautiful on its own, but also looks amazing when mixed with other lip colours. It is the first colour I reach out for when I want to make a customized shade.

the Balm Meet Matt(e) Hughes is a must-have in your liquid lipstick collection. I have my eye on Adoring next.